‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 116, No. 6June, 2016

Christopher Gurr

Chris GurrI am excited to be a member of Local 802, working as a pianist, music director and arranger in New York City. I joined the union to be a part of Broadway and Off Broadway productions such as “Clinton: the Musical” and “Trip of Love.” My goal is to continue working on great Broadway shows in whatever capacity I can and to eventually be on the conductor’s podium. Recently I have been doing a lot of arranging and copy work, but my favorite gigs are whenever I get to play piano and interact with this city’s great musicians. I had the chance to play and conduct “Popesical” at the Fringe Festival and it was an absolute joy. As a freelancer, I work in several different areas, including music directing, accompanying, keyboard programming, arranging and score preparation. My biggest challenge is keeping up all of these skills. However, I love this aspect of being a musician. Every day brings a new challenge and exciting opportunities!