‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 117, No. 1January, 2017

Ted Labow

I rejoined Local 802 to keep connected to the New York music scene and because I believe in the work and mission of the union. My musical goal in NYC is to play venues, open myself up for studio work and present newly-composed music in various formats. I’ve been singing and composing mostly for the last few years, but my favorite gig a while back was a recording gig at Avatar Studios. Recording on the Steinway there was great. The greatest challenge as a composer/arranger/orchestrator is to get in a groove of composing every day. On the advice of some of my most influential teachers, I compose every morning as a priority before any other work. The result of the consistent work can be seen in the ever-increasing volume of manuscript papers on the piano! I was trained as a classical pianist and later studied jazz. I also sing opera, I’m a cantor and I play folk guitar.