‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 117, No. 4April, 2017

Jim Lutz

I’m excited and feel very fortunate to be joining the amazing New York music community! I moved to New York and joined Local 802 to play trombone and serve as the associate conductor in the Cirque du Soleil theatrical show “Paramour” at the Lyric Theatre. I’ve been a member of several AFM locals around the country for most of my career, and membership has definitely been beneficial for me. I feel that the union is a vital component of the musical community. I am fortunate to say that my favorite gig is the one I’m on now. “Paramour” is a lot of fun, very challenging, and a beautiful show. Prior to “Paramour,” I toured with another great Cirque du Soleil show called “Kooza” for eight years, including four years as music director. In addition to becoming a better musician every day and collaborating with other local musicians, I’m also hoping to further my career as a composer, especially for media. Composing has been increasingly rewarding for me, and my time at Cirque – where I constantly adapt the music to serve their amazing visuals — has given me a great experience in that area.