‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 117, No. 6June, 2017

David Ashton

After a kind mentor said he could use me as a sub on “Aladdin,” I finally joined Local 802. I have enjoyed not only the eligibility to play more gigs, but also the abundant information and other resources that I have access to now. My goal as a musician in New York City is to make great music by consistently striving to improve and absorb what I can of the wealth of great culture that thrives here. I also hope to make a meaningful contribution to the art form, to pass on what I learn to students who care, and to inspire people to be better human beings. In addition to the ensemble and sideman work I enjoy, I am currently working on my first record: original arrangements and compositions for multi-woodwind trio, string quartet and rhythm section. My degrees so far are in classical and jazz saxophone, but I hope that isn’t apparent when I play clarinet, flute, oboe or English horn, all of which I study very seriously.