‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 117, No. 6June, 2017

Mark Sophia

I joined Local 802 after I was called to play with the Orchestra of St. Luke’s. I hope to explore and experience as much of New York City’s diverse musical offerings as I can during this exciting and inspiring time in my career. I very much enjoy performing as a unit with others in groups from symphony orchestras to mixed chamber groups. I am, first and foremost, a classically-trained oboist. However, I play many winds and brass, including flute, clarinet and trumpet, to name a few. I enjoy broadening my horizons when it comes to styles and genres,  whenever the opportunity arises. I recently had the pleasure of recording for a children’s book, “Welcome to the Symphony” by Carolyn Sloan, and performing in educational concerts to promote the book. This was particularly rewarding because I know how crucial music education is to young people and to the future of music. Reaching out to so many people through a variety of musical avenues is only one way that New York City inspires me every day. I strive to continue to share the love of music with my fellow musicians and listeners and to share the power of music with the masses. I want to inspire generations of musicians and music lovers to come.