‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 118, No. 6June, 2018

Lynnea Harding

I joined Local 802 to connect to musicians and to further my music career. I was recently in Los Angeles as the music transcriber for DreamWorks Animation, which was an amazing experience. I learned how the film/TV music world works in relation to the live music performance world, and the work gave me new insights into music production. Plus, the L.A. sunshine is super nice! My musical goals in NYC include music direction, music transcription, composition and performance. I’ve been involved in all of these areas in NYC, L.A. and New England, and joining the union is the next step for me to continue these career goals. I started Suzuki violin when I was 5, and this became the foundation of my ear training skills and eventually all of my music interests and goals. I later joined choirs and began to pursue violin, voice and piano more seriously. I am classically trained in all three areas, and music direction eventually became the next step to include my love of performing, teaching and conducting. I’m involved in chamber music, chamber singers, private teaching (piano, violin, voice), accompanying, and religious work as a substitute cantor and Torah reader. Music has always been my outlet; it gives me something to focus on when life becomes too distracting. It is something that pulls everyone together, regardless of background or level.