‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 118, No. 7July, 2018

Sara Milonovich

I joined Local 802 to explore more diverse opportunities in NYC, including Broadway. My musical goal is to be as creatively challenged and inspired as possible by stepping into as many different NYC music scenes as I can manage. It all contributes to making me a better musical thinker and player! My band Daisycutter recently played a historic barn in upstate NY that’s not only a respected venue but also a true farm-to-table restaurant. As someone with a farming background (something that often informs my songwriting), I felt that this gig was the culmination of so many meaningful things to me: honest, local food in a historic setting where original music is genuinely welcomed and appreciated. I accompany professionally touring singer-songwriters, play with old-time stringbands and bluegrass bands, work steadily as a studio musician, and maintain a private teaching studio. I’m also part of an all-female trio, the Wynotte Sisters, which performs rock, pop, punk and folk music with a focus on songs of social and political relevance and three-part harmony. In addition, I’m the president and co-founder of Rootstock Farm Fest, a nonprofit music festival that raises emergency disaster relief for New York farmers in need. My principal instrument is fiddle/violin.