‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 119, No. 3March, 2019

Ling Ling Huang

I joined Local 802 for the opportunity to play with as many other people as much as I can, and to be a part of the vibrant music scene here, which is so experimental and experiential! My most favorite recent gig was playing at the Bach Pop-up Store on Broadway! It was such a raw and bare space, I felt like I had the space and the opportunity to have a real and genuine connection with the audience. My principal instrument is violin; I attended the Cleveland Institute of Music for my undergraduate degree and finished my Master’s and A.D. at Rice University last year. Music is a connection to my family, who taught me love for music as well as the skills. I originally started playing music because my parents are both music teachers. Whenever I play or hear music, I feel close to them. Music is also the thing I most love to do. Practicing is a form of meditation for me, a kind of self expression that helps me find myself. When it comes to gigs and performances, I do anything and everything I can. It’s different every day, but I’m happy anytime and anywhere I get to play.