‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 113, No. 5May, 2013

Top row: Nathan Perry, Nicole Zuraitis, and Sam Baily. Bottom row: Scott Stein, Bryant Snyder and Ryan Fielding Garrett

Top row: Nathan Perry, Nicole Zuraitis, and Sam Baily. Bottom row: Scott Stein, Bryant Snyder and Ryan Fielding Garrett

I’ve been making a living in music since I was a teenager as a theatrical pianist and music director. Recently, I played the holiday job at the Gateway Playhouse, a gig I originally got from a cold call while I was killing time in a cruise ship crew bar docked in Florida. I’ve also conducted national tours, written orchestrations, and accompanied various classes and auditions. I joined Local 802 because – along with its many protections and benefits – it’s a symbol of my determination to earn an honest living in music and the theatre, which I hope to continue as long as I’m able, whether in Broadway pits, on the road, or wherever I’m needed. I’ve gotten my share of gigs through contacts here in NYC, but for those I haven’t met yet, we should get to know each other!

–Nathan W. Perry

I joined Local 802 because I believe in strength in numbers and am always looking for more opportunities to connect with other musicians in New York. I recently finished recording and self-producing my sophomore album of all-original music entitled “Pariah Anthem.” My goal is to find a booking agent and publicist to help the momentum I have built for myself go even further. I also play keyboards and sing in Kevin Osborne’s band. I got the gig because I work for Hank Lane and they referred me to be a permanent member in Kevin’s group. In terms of my original music, I recently played at Rockwood Music Hall with my trio, and I booked that by attending other shows there and networking. I primarily sing jazz, soul and pop music; I also play keyboards in bands and jazz piano for cocktail hours at restaurants.

–Nicole Zuraitis

I joined Local 802 because I recently moved to the Upper East Side after graduating with both a jazz performance and music education degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. My musical goal in NYC is to combine my strengths as a woodwind doubler, jazz and classical performer, music educator and woodwind repair person. My best musical high comes from sitting in a saxophone section, sight-reading, and swinging at the same time. A recent gig was with Wally Siebel’s All Star Big Band, featuring guest artist Wayne Bergeron. My principle instruments are clarinets, saxophones and flute.

–Sam Bailey

I joined Local 802 because I am interested in working in musical theatre. I love Broadway and I’ve done a number of small-time productions as a music director and accompanist. In terms of opening up my career to bigger and better opportunities in the theatre world, joining Local 802 is the way to do that. I love many different kinds of music and working in different types of roles, from arranging to accompanying, conducting to playing sideman gigs. I’ve been a performing songwriter in the city for the past five years, and I keep threatening to write a musical of my own, so that might be on the horizon. Otherwise, I just want to keep being challenged and to keep growing. My principal instruments are piano and keyboards. I recently took some of my piano-based pop tunes and wrote chamber music arrangements for them. The concert was part of a series of evenings featuring up-and-coming Jewish artists and musicians. It was a lot of fun and it exposed my music to a whole new audience.

–Scott Stein

I joined Local 802 because I hope to give myself the maximum number of opportunities to play with the best musicians NYC has to offer. I want to get out there and showcase my abilities, whether it is performing my own music, or providing my talent for other projects. I am soon to be subbing for the Big Apple Circus’s new tour “Legendarium.” I met the show’s regular guitarist Jeff Barone recently in NYC. My principal instrument is guitar.

–Bryant Snyder

I joined Local 802 to begin playing on Broadway. I’m currently subbing Keys 2 at “Mary Poppins” and feel incredibly fortunate to be playing with these fantastic musicians and people. I’ve worked regionally as a music director and conductor at Playhouse Square (Cleveland, OH) and at Lake Tahoe Shakespeare and two seasons at the Weston Playhouse. Also, I worked for two years as a music consultant for Sea World San Antonio. I also work as an audition pianist in New York, playing for Disney and Binder Casting, among others. I’m grateful to be a part of this community!

–Ryan Fielding Garrett