Why We Joined the Union

Volume CIX, No. 11November, 2009

Why did I join Local 802? It was time! I’ve been working in New York City for a long time, but almost never on union jobs. The perils of being a freelancer with no collective bargaining strength mount up over time. My musical goal is to continue working with an ever-widening network of talented friends and colleagues. My latest gig is as a sub on the Broadway show “Rock of Ages.” I was approached by the great Winston Roye to attempt to fill his giant shoes whenever he needs to take time off from the show. My principal instrument is electric bass. I double on acoustic bass (mostly pizz), also a little on backing vocals, occasionally keyboards, and very occasionally guitar.

– Ivan Bodley

I joined Local 802 because I wanted to start on the path of working as a professional musician. I’ve worked quite a bit as a pianist and musical director, but now that I’ve joined the union I feel I can truly call myself a professional. My goal in New York is just to work! I love what I do, I love creating music. Be it a small gig or a large gig, being able to make a living from what you truly love is amazing, and as a member of Local 802 I can do that. And being a pianist on Broadway wouldn’t hurt! I play over 16 instruments, but my first and primary is piano.

– Garrit Guadan

I joined the union in hopes of getting sub work as a drummer and percussionist on Broadway and Off Broadway. Originally from the Boston area, I moved to New York two years ago, and in that time have done a wide range of work, including gigs in a wide range of styles with Slavic Soul Party, Andy Statman, Sonia Montez, and was musical director of latin pop group 3D2. For the past three years I have played for “Baby Wants Candy,” an improvised musical with live band, which this year was part of the Fringe festival. My goals with joining the union are to start subbing on some shows, and eventually get my own Broadway show.

– David Andrew Moore

I play guitar and bass principally, and sing. I rejoined 802 when I was asked to play guitar in the musical “Fela!” My friends are doing the music. My goals are to make great stuff, avoid starvation and win love.

– Oren Bloedow