‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 116, No. 4April, 2016

Piotr Pawlak

Piotr Pawlak Studio 300dipBefore coming to the U.S., I worked as a pit musician at a musical theatre in Poznan, Poland. I came here to pursue a graduate degree in jazz performance and composition. That led to performances in regional theatres in New Jersey and New York. I also worked with a variety of musicians in bars and restaurants around the area. I won an editorial internship at the Boosey & Hawkes publishing company and decided to join Local 802 after I learned that the union is also helping out music editors and copyists. With the union’s help, I would like to familiarize myself with all aspects of a musical theatre production. By meeting and working with the best producers and directors here, I could one day produce a musical if I choose to go back to Poland. I believe that Local 802, with its broad network, is a great place to begin the learning process. My principal instrument is drums.