‘Why we joined the union’

Jordan Hirsch

Volume 119, No. 9October, 2019

I re-joined Local 802 after thinking a lot about how to reinvigorate the presence of the union in the NYC freelance scene. I knew had to start with myself. The immediate impetus was helping organize the pit for an Off Broadway production. I had been a member of Local 802 for many years but let my membership lapse when a lot of the club date field went non-union. I’m hoping to expand my professional horizons to include more theater and art projects. I’m really enjoying playing trumpet 1 in the orchestra for the hit production of “Fiddler on the Roof in Yiddish,” now playing at Stage 42. Besides loving the show, I feel privileged to work with some of the best musicians in NY in an especially congenial and supportive group. I studied trumpet with Doug Hedwig at Brooklyn College, and have been playing professionally in NYC for 35 years. I’ve played club dates, weddings, private parties, the occasional brass ensemble, freelance orchestra work, big band gigs and more. I’ve also been involved with the reawakening of interest in Klezmer and Yiddish music, and have taught Klezmer styles at various folk music festivals and other educational programs.

Jordan Hirsch

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