‘Why we joined the union’

Pinghua (Felix) Ren

Volume 119, No. 9October, 2019

I joined Local 802 when I got a job as a substitute with the New York Philharmonic. My musical goal in NYC is to engage myself with the professional world and learn as much as possible. It’s always a privilege to live and study in such a unique city where performing arts are at their highest level. One of my favorite recent gigs was playing in a woodwind quintet concert featuring works by living African-American composers. The music was very exciting. My dad started my musical education in China when I was five. I played a little bit of piano before switching to bassoon when I was 11. Later, I came to the United States to study in a beautiful art high school called Idyllwild Arts Academy in California. After that, I came to New York, earned my bachelor’s degree at Juilliard and my master’s at Manhattan School of Music. Music has always been a part my life since I was really young. It’s something very natural to me, and I appreciate it more and more as I am working to become a better musician.

Pinghua (Felix) Ren

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