‘Why we joined the union’

Erin Cross

Volume 119, No. 9October, 2019

I joined Local 802 to seek out professional performing opportunities in New York City. Residing in the Hudson Valley, I want to go beyond my musical comfort zone to perform, grow and network with like-minded musicians. My musical goal in New York City is to sing and perform with top music ensembles. With a classical vocal foundation and years of music theatre training and performances, I have crossed over and added jazz, rock and blues to my performance palette. My most favorite recent gig was performing as lead singer with the Armonia Band at the Port Jervis Fall Foliage Festival. This was particularly important to me as this is the city where I am the choral director at the local middle school. I feel that it is important for my students see me performing at a professional level. I encourage them to be the best musicians they can be on and off the stage and find it important for them to see me do the same. I started my vocal training at the age of 15, building a solid classical background. My passion was (and still is) musical theatre and I continued to study and perform that genre well into adulthood. I earned both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music education (with a concentration in voice) and have been employed steadily as a musical teacher/choral director in the Hudson Valley. After becoming a mom, my musical interests shifted and I sought more local performance opportunities. That’s when I decided to hone my jazz, rock and blues vocals. Music has always been the most authentic way that I have been able to express myself. It was where I fit in as an adolescent and teen and where I found my talent and strength. I was able to be a leader and found my confidence. Besides being the lead singer of the Armonia Band and teaching at Port Jervis Middle School, I also maintain a private vocal studio.

Erin Cross

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