‘Why we joined the union’

Nathanael Udell

Volume 119, No. 9October, 2019

I rejoined Local 802 when I moved back to the East Coast from Bloomington, Indiana, where I am currently pursuing a doctorate degree. After completing all of my coursework and exit exams, I felt it would be a great move for me to move back to New Jersey, which is my home base, and to freelance while completing my dissertation. My goal is to be a well-rounded person and musician, as well as to become a regular face in the NYC music scene. I was fortunate to be a member of the inaugural season of Will Crutchfield’s Teatro Nuovo. Besides rekindling past friendships and making new connections with great people, I really enjoyed this gig because it gave me the outlet to put my natural horn skills to the test all while maintaining a fun and professional atmosphere. (I play French horn, natural horn and Baroque horn.) Music has always been a part of my life. My father was a high school music teacher, my mother is a trained opera singer, and my sister is a middle school band teacher. This constant inspiration helped guide me as a musician. I earned my bachelor’s degree from Juilliard and a master’s degree from Rice University. Music has always been an integral part of my life. It helped me out of some negative situations and has been a safe haven and an escape from the trials and tribulations that life throws my way. I feel that my music will forever be a constant, and knowing that gives me great comfort. I’m currently a member of the Skylark Quartet. We are a horn quartet dedicated to collaborating with new American composers and advancing new music. We travel to colleges and universities nationwide giving masterclasses, lessons, recitals and presentations around new music, and we also promote the integration of electronics with our quartet. I’m also a private teacher, and I’m lucky that my sister has invited me to her school to give lessons and encouragement to her young horn players.

Nathanael Udell

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