Worthless Gadgets? I’ll Take Three!

New Working Theater Play Debuts This Month

Volume CV, No. 5May, 2005

The Working Theater is celebrating its 20th anniversary season with a continued commitment to creating theatre for and about working people.

The company’s new play, “Disconnect,” takes aim at the telecommunications industry and corporate America’s incessant need to create newer gadgets and then convince us all that we can’t live without them. The action of the play centers around Steve, a corporate marketing shill at a moral crossroads. By inviting near strangers to dinner Steve tries to avoid the lies of his life and his work. As the hastily-arranged party takes one wrong turn after another, Steve reveals a series of shocking events and the safe cocoon of his life begins to unravel.

The company is also working on three other projects this year.

“The Wal-Mart Plays” will explore the devastating effects of Wal-Mart and other large retail chains on communities and working people.

“Third Rail Quill” tells the story of the feud between Mike Quill, the fiery founder of the Transport Workers Union, and blueblood mayor John Lindsay during the subway strike of 1966. The conflict between ideals and pragmatism within the life of the union and the life of its Irish leader will be the focus. (There will be a free reading of this play on May 16 at the Wagner Labor Archives. Call 212-539-5675 to reserve tickets.)

Finally, the company is assisting in a documentary-style theatre piece that will tell the stories of workers whose jobs have been lost overseas as a direct result of the new “global economy.”

“Disconnect” will run from May 27 to June 25 at the East 13th Street Theater, 136 East 13th Street between Third and Fourth Avenues. Performances are Monday through Saturday at 8 and Saturday at 2. The Working Theater offers $25 tickets for anyone with an active union card, as well as “Pay-What-You-Can” Tuesdays.

Readers of Allegro can get an additional $5 off by mentioning code “LABOR.” To order tickets, call (212) 279-4200 or visit and mention the code when prompted. For more information, visit