Your music on the radio

Have you submitted your music to Local 802’s internet radio station yet?

Volume 112, No. 11November, 2012

K.C. Boyle, Clint Sharman and Pat Dougherty

Local 802 is forming its own internet radio station and is inviting music submissions at this time. Above, a screen shot of the radio station of AFM Local 47 (Los Angeles). You can preview the Local 47 station at

It is no secret that much of the recording done
today is recorded in home studios, garages or even in hotel rooms. Technology
has made it possible to record your band more easily than ever. But often the
recording is made without the protections of an AFM contract.

As members know, Local 802 is forming its own
internet radio station. In order for us to broadcast your recording on the Local
802 radio station, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  1. At least one musician on the recording must be a
    member of Local 802.

  2. All content must be filed under an AFM union
    recording contract.

In order to validate your AFM contract, we ask all
participating musicians to present the contract or relevant information
pertaining to the contract (recording dates; names and addresses of musicians;
name and address of location where recording was made; song titles and length of
record) upon your submission.

However, what if your track or album wasn’t
recorded under an AFM recording contract? Don’t worry: there is a quick and
affordable solution – the AFM Joint Venture Agreement (JVA). Union reps are
available to walk you through the agreement, which is available here:
For help, send an e-mail to

The Joint Venture Agreement is an agreement signed
by all members of the recording, which allows for all members to record an album
and share in any monies generated from the recording based on agreed-upon
percentages. There are no scale payments made to the band members and no
benefits are due (such as health & pension). As a result, the recording is
free from any payments or union dues, but all members have the protection of a
legal AFM contract. Should a track or an entire album be released for reuse
(picked up by a recording company, film company, or for commercial jingle use,
for example), the corresponding AFM contract will then be used, which will take
the place of the JVA.

Here are the guidelines of the Joint Venture

  1. The agreement must be filed with Local 802, and
    must be signed by all participating musicians, detailing the percentage/share in
    all royalties from the sale or use of the recordings.

  2. The agreement must contain the name of the
    group; dates and location of the recordings; song titles and length of each

  3. Except as provided in (d) and (e) below, the
    recordings covered in the agreement are exempt from SRLA signatory requirements,
    Local and Federation recording scales, pension, work dues, and reporting bylaws.

  4. In the event that any additional AFM musicians
    are utilized for this project that were not a part of the agreement for the
    Internet Radio Broadcast, a signatory to the AFM Single Song Overdub; Limited
    Pressing; or, the Sound Recording Labor Agreement is required, and the
    applicable "B" report must be filed with the appropriate session
    payments must be made.

  5. In the event your master recording is picked up
    for distribution, the appropriate AFM signatory agreement must be utilized, and,
    the applicable report form must be filed with the appropriate payments.

  6. Symphonic Orchestras, Original Cast Recordings,
    "New Use" Soundtrack albums and Underscoring for Motion Pictures,
    Film, Videotapes or Live Television Productions are excluded from using this

The Joint Venture Agreement is the easiest and most
convenient AFM recording contract to use and will allow your song or album to be
eligible for Local 802 radio. We truly hope this will help you get your
recording under contract and on to Local 802 radio.

To get a copy of the Joint Venture Agreement, go to
or call Local 802’s recording rep David
Sheldon at (212) 245-4802, ext. 194.