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President's Report

Artists Rights Caucus moves forward

MET Orchestra musicians play in environmental benefit concert

Create NYC’s Great Opportunity

The first comprehensive cultural plan is a chance to change the way we think about the arts in New York's culture


A Cultural Plan for All New Yorkers

Earth Day and Broadway go hand in hand

#ResistanceBand uses music to fight back

Jazz Mentors 8 finds unity in diversity

Feed your heart: a musician’s journey to environmental activism

Earth Day 2017

Acts of God

When is it OK to cancel a concert and not pay the musicians?

Soul, Spirit and Sound

Regina Carter's musical journey

Tax Time!

Tax Tips for Musicians

“Do I still need to prove that I have health insurance?”

Tax Tips for Musicians

Changes and significant issues when filing your taxes this year

Tax Tips for Musicians

Can the pension fund get better returns?

The Musicians’ Voice


Remembering Eddie Caine


‘Why we joined the union’

“Why we joined the union’

‘Why we joined the union’

‘Why we joined the union’

‘Why we joined the union’

“Why we joined the union’

Executive Board Minutes

October 4, 2016 - October 11, 2016

NYU on Unfair List

Financial wellness for musicians

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April '17