Case Closes on Shloime Dachs

Focus on Club Dates

Volume CVII, No. 7/8July, 2007

After several delays, a hearing was held before the New York State Employment Relations Board concerning Shloime Dachs’ obligations under Local 802’s Jewish Club Date agreement.

As previously reported in Allegro, Dachs had signed a recognition agreement, participated in Jewish Club Date negotiations, and then refused to sign the newly negotiated agreement.

At the hearing, Dachs chose to proceed without an attorney.

Subsequently, he hired an attorney and attempted to reopen the hearing.

The judge refused Dachs’ request and has instructed both sides to submit post-hearing briefs.

We anticipate that a ruling will be in favor of Local 802 and that Dachs will be ordered to comply.

Not only can the judge order Dachs to sign 802’s Jewish Club Date contract, he can also order him to make musicians whole for unpaid health and pension benefits dating back to the beginning of the current agreement.

This could mean thousands of dollars in back benefits for musicians who have worked for Dachs.

Musicians are urged to keep track of all of Dachs’ engagements. Call Jim Hannen at (212) 245-4802, ext. 141.