Deceased members

October 2023

Volume 123, No. 9October, 2023

Each month, we honor our members who have recently passed. Previous issues of Allegro can be found at

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Ronald Anderson, trumpet
Bradley A. Briscoe, drums
Thomas L. Helm, piano
Anthony Marino, drums
Tom Olcott, trombone
Harvey Strum, guitar
Leonard M. Thomas, piano
Wil Van Auken, guitar*

(*A memorial/celebration of Wil’s life will be held at 1pm on Monday, October 9, 2023 at Ayhan’s Shish-Kebab Restaurant, 283 Main St., Port Washington, New York. All who knew and loved Wil are welcome.)

If you have personal memories of any of these musicians that you’d like to share, please send an e-mail to