Introducing Union Staff

Volume CVII, No. 12December, 2007

Joel LeFevre was recently promoted to the position of organizing director and assistant to the president. He succeeds Joe Eisman, who left Local 802 this fall to organize with the union that represents janitors and security guards (32BJ). In 2005, Joel returned to Local 802 after a 20-year absence during which he worked in various organizing and negotiating capacities in various Teamster locals in New York. His experience includes many years as a business rep, organizer, lead negotiator, pension fund trustee, health plan administrator and local union officer. Two decades ago, he led the drive that resulted in Hank Lane becoming a signatory to the 802 club date agreement. Part of Joel’s new duties will include working on enhanced electronic communication with the membership and developing training for the 802 staff. He is a founding member of the Working Families Party and is part of the activist leadership of the party in Westchester County, where he lives with his family.

Marisa Friedman is now the union’s senior theatre rep. Previously at Local 802 she represented teaching artists and was an organizer.