Negotiations Roundup

Volume C, No. 7/8July, 2000


South Pacific: An agreement has been reached with Lincoln Center covering 33 musicians for two weeks of rehearsals and one performance for a theater benefit at the Vivian Beaumont. Minimum scale wages for the side musicians will be $215.25 for the performance and $36.75 per hour for rehearsals, a 5% increase over the last similar agreement reached between the parties, for Annie Get Your Gun. The music director/conductor will receive a 100% premium, and musicians will be paid an additional 20% for the first double and 10% for each additional double. Pension is 11% of wages and health benefits are $22 per performance and $4 per rehearsal.

Abie’s Island Rose: An agreement for the Jewish Repertory Theatre’s last production of the season provided the musicians with a 31/2 percent wage increase and increased health benefit contributions. The side musician scale is $400 for seven or fewer performances, with a 25 percent premium for the music director. The rehearsal audition scale was increased to $500 (from $385) for a 40-hour week. The hourly rate is $25 per hour and the orchestra rehearsal scale, $18 per hour, both for a minimum two-hour call. Premiums include 121/2 percent for the first and 61/4 percent for each additional double, and 121/2 percent for synthesizer. Vacation begins in the ninth week of performances, at 6 percent of wages. Health benefits were increased to $50, up from $42.50 in the previous agreement, and pension remains at 6 percent.


Sweet Smell of Success: An agreement with Alan Wasser Associates for this pre-Broadway workshop covers three musicians for five weeks of rehearsals and three performances. The side musician scale is $1,035 for a 40 hour/six day week. Performance scale is $155 for three hours or less, and overtime will be paid at $38.75 per 30 mintes or less. Premiums include 75% for the music director/conductor, 30% for the associate conductor, 25% for the in-house contractor, 12.5% for the first and 6.25% for each additional double. Vacation is 6%, pension 9%, and health benefits are $54 per week. The musicians have identity with the product.

For information regarding Off Broadway, call Senior Theater Representative Mary Donovan at (212) 245-4802, ext. 156.