‘Why we joined the union’

Greg Murphy

Volume 119, No. 9October, 2019

I Joined Local 802 to be part of an organization that represents and advocates for musicians and composers like myself. I’m also interested in networking opportunities as well as seeking strategies aimed at negotiating and advocating for equitable compensation from organizations that are taking advantage of me and other musicians. My musical goal in NYC is frankly to be able to make a decent living! One of my favorite recent gigs was playing with my trio at Mezzrow after playing in Baltimore the previous night. It was great to be able to play two nights in a row, develop a nice sound and allow the music to breathe. I grew up in Chicago, studied in New Orleans, and perform quite often in NYC and beyond. Music is a beautiful thing that’s fun, energizing and exciting to play and be a part of. It brings people together… and when played at a high level, it can be therapeutic and invigorating. I look forward to working with Local 802 in the future and continuing to be part of the thriving New York City music scene.

Greg Murphy

To join Local 802, call (212) 245-4802 or visit