The duties of Local 802 part-time elected Executive Board officers

A message from the Leadership Committee

Volume 124, No. 4April, 2024

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The duties of Local 802 part-time elected Executive Board officers

Nine of the 12 elected board seats are held by rank-and-file 802 members.

The Executive Board oversees all business matters of Local 802 except those that are purely administrative. Board members act as fiduciaries of Local 802 members’ dues, though other determinations are made regarding contracts, campaigns and policy. All decisions are made by majority vote.


  • Attend weekly Executive Board meetings
  • Correct and Approve the previous week’s Executive Board minutes for publication in Allegro
  • Discuss and vote on approval of necessary actions: contracts, expenses and financial, leaves of absence, funding projects, building maintenance, etc.
  • Present reports: committee activity, member issues, etc.
  • May serve as an Executive Board liaison on negotiating committees
  • Serve on any subcommittees assigned by the president


  • Committee and/or negotiating experience is recommended, but not mandatory
  • Creative and critical thinking
  • Works well with colleagues
  • Leadership skills
  • Active in the field

List of current subcommittees:

  • Building Improvements
  • Bylaw
  • Communications
  • Contracts
  • Emergency Relief Fund
  • Finance
  • Leadership Development
  • Political Action
  • Recording Studio Exploratory

NOTE: The duties listed above in this article reflect the current leadership/management structure at Local 802. The duties may vary during different administrations.

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